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Annabel works from a phenomenological perspective, abstracting phenomena from her everyday experiences of living. She documents this sculpturally, thinking through making. Annabel develops her ideas towards metaphor where her sculptural outcomes take on narratives which can resonate with us all.

She has recently been exploring the phenomena of balance and stability, her interest arising from her personal experiences of the spinning sensation resulting from constant vertigo. Annabel often produces figurative sculptures, experimenting with ways of keeping them stable in a spinning world with shifting gravities. Her figurative work is also informed by classical figurative sculpture, an interest sparked from living in London. She is fascinated by the visible support structures such as drapery, as used by classical sculptors and in the way old statues decay over time.

Annabel works in whatever medium best conveys her ideas, frequently using recycled materials. She innovates with new technologies and improvises with the traditional, moving freely between methods and materials. This year, she has produced 3D prints, bronzes, films, performances, installations and paper pulp sculptures.

Her figurative sculptures usually begin with 3D scans of her own body. In this work, Annabel performs, scans, 3D prints, rescans and digitally manipulates the forms. She chooses to leave in computer generated physical support scaffolding created during the 3D printing process, then rescans to merge the figure and scaffolding, sometimes putting her sculptures back through the process many times during her experimental process. 

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